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Watershed Packaging Website Privacy Policy

Watershed Packaging Ltd recognises the importance of personal information in an advanced information and communication society. In order to properly manage such data, the company hereby establishes the following privacy policy of the website, based on the GDPR.


1. The Scope of the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the Watershed Packaging Ltd website (hereinafter referred to as "the site") - https://watershed-packaging.co.uk/.


2. Use of Personal Data

Customers are asked to provide their name, telephone number, company name and e-mail address on the site, which will serve to provide them with information about the products and services offered, as well as to send various materials if they request so. In such cases, the use of personal data will be limited, its purpose will be clearly defined, and the data itself will be used only for this purpose.


3. Personal Data in Links

Watershed Packaging Ltd is not responsible for the processing of personal data beyond the scope of application described in the above. Or on the websites of other companies which link from the site.


4. Other Processing of Personal Data

More information on the processing of personal data is included in the GDPR data protection policy.


5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Watershed Packaging Ltd may change this privacy policy without prior notice.


6. Cookies

In order to enable customers to return to the site and browse it comfortably, the site can send files to customers' computers and save files known as cookies on their hard drives. Although cookies are not used to identify individual customers, customers may refuse to accept cookies sent from the site or use other functions; this is done by changing the settings of your web browser.


7. Questions

If you have questions or requests related to the processing of personal data provided by customers, please send them to the address below. In some cases, answering a question or request may require time to investigate. Therefore, an immediate response is not always possible.


Questions should be directed to:




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