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Watershed Packaging Data Protection Privacy Policy

Watershed Packaging Ltd recognises the importance of personal data and hereby makes every effort to ensure the proper processing and protection of personal data based on the following policy.


1. Acquiring Personal Data
When acquiring personal data, the company will determine the goals, as well as announce or indicate these goals. The company will inform the personal data providers of these goals; customers, business customers and all other parties providing personal data (hereinafter referred to as "customers").


2. Use of Personal Data
The acquired personal data will be used only to acquire the purposes set out in the above-mentioned. Personal data will not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the customer.


3. Providing Personal Data to Third Parties
Personal data obtained from customer will not be disclosed or provided to any third parties, with the exception of data which:
(a) Is subject to the consent of customers to disclose them;
(b) Is disclosed to outsourcing companies that assume responsibility for the confidentiality of personal data to the extent required to achieve the above mentioned goals;
(c) Is used jointly by companies belonging to Watershed Packaging Ltd or other entities, in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data;
(d) Is processed as statistical data to an extent that prevents the identification of individual customers;
(e) Is disclosed in accordance with the law and other regulations that require disclosure;
(f) Is exposed in an emergency to protect the life, health or property of people.


4. Managing Personal Data
The designated person (or persons) will be responsible for the safe management of the provided personal data. Furthermore, the company has developed methods for data security and undesirable access to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, illegal dissemination and other abuses regarding personal data.


5. Disclosure, Change, Deletion, Suspension of use of Personal Data, etc.
Upon receipt of the customer’s request to disclose, change, delete, suspend the use or any other action related to the personal information provided, the company will confirm the identity of the requesting customer and will respond to the request within a reasonable time.


6. Compliance with the Law

Activities regarding personal data are compliant with laws, regulations and other standards, as well as guidelines on the protection of personal data.


7. Questions
If you have questions or requests related to the processing of personal data provided by customers, please send them to the address below. In some cases, answering a question or request may require time to investigate. Therefore, an immediate response is not always possible.


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